Joe Biden just nailed it

We’ve reached the stage of the election where Donald Trump no longer believes he has a realistic shot at winning, or even at keeping it close enough to successfully cheat. So he’s moved on to hurling scary nonsense at the wall about how he’s going to magically remain in power no matter what, in the hope of making you too discouraged to keep putting in the work required to finish him off.

When Joe Biden was asked about Trump’s latest empty threat last night, he gave the perfect answer: “The United States government is perfectly capable of escorting trespassers out of the White House.” If Biden wins, he’ll be sworn in on the Capitol steps with or without Trump’s participation. At that moment Trump will be trespassing if he’s still in the White House, and his own Secret Service agents would immediately drag him out.

Trump knows this too. He’s not within a million miles of having the muscle to just magically remain in office. He would never even try something so boneheaded, because it would result in him going to prison immediately, instead of potentially being able to remain out on bail while his criminal trial in New York plays out. But by making the empty threat to remain in office, Trump is hoping to then get something in return for leaving peacefully, such as leniency on his criminal charges.

Of course this kind of bluff only works if the public is gullible enough to believe that Donald Trump can somehow just magically remain in office after he loses, as if this were some perverse fairy tale. Joe Biden nailed it by pointing out that this is something that Trump literally cannot do. Any media outlets trying to juice their ratings by playing up this nonsense should be ashamed of themselves.

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