Joe Biden just nailed it

The Washington Post says that Joe Biden gave the “most compelling speech of the campaign” on Sunday. Much of that speech centered around the rush of Republicans to name a replacement for Justice Ginsburg, and he explained why this rush is not as dire as we might think.

Biden believes that the Republican rush can easily backfire, giving Democrats an opportunity to not only win the presidency but to take the majority in the Senate. Hammering home that a conservative court will finish destroying the Affordable Care Act, Biden pointed out that this could prove disastrous, especially during a pandemic. Without the ACA, insurance companies will, once again, make decisions on who will be excluded because of preexisting conditions. Linking insurance coverage to the pandemic is smart, and though Biden did mention abortion and voting rights, healthcare is of vital concern to Americans.

Biden talked about “fairness,” pointing out that Republicans want to rewrite the rules to benefit themselves with no thought whatsoever to what most Americans want. While Biden is trying to appeal to Senators who might be persuaded and moderates, he is talking to neither Trump, “who will do whatever he wants” nor to McConnell “who will do whatever he wants, and he does.” This picture of these two men could not be more on point. Both Trump and McConnell act as if they know what is best for us more than we do even though both are out of touch with the average American. They have a lot of nerve making assumptions. By centering his arguments around these issues, Washington Post said that Biden “managed to appeal both to the left and the exhausted middle” of voters. Biden said all the right things to move voters from Trump’s alternate universe back to reality. Politico reported that he is doing just that.

While Trump is “making modest inroads” with Latinos and has slightly more Black support, that support is not going to make up for a large group he is on the verge of losing: White voters. The polls show that Trump’s grip on this group has slipped and continues to slip, especially in the critical swing states. In Minnesota, Trump is behind by 2 among White voters, including Whites without college degrees. Trump won this demographic over Clinton by 7 points. He is now 2 behind, giving him a net negative of -9. The same is happening in Wisconsin, where Trump won non-college educated women by 16 points. He is now losing them by 9. In Pennsylvania, Biden and Trump are neck-and-neck. Lee Miringoff of Marist College Institute for Public Opinion calls this change “a big, big swing.”

In the end, Trump does himself more harm than good daily. People have not forgotten having Brett Kavanaugh shoved down our throats even as the Blue Wave flowed across the midterm elections. Forget Trump. As Biden said, he is going to do what he wants to do. We should be focused on getting Biden elected and Democrats in control of the Senate. If we are successful, we can soon put this nightmare called “president” Donald Trump behind us and begin rebuilding our country.

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