Joe Biden just nailed it

Right now, Donald Trump’s criminal negligence with COVID may be dominating the news cycle, but it wasn’t the only thing Joe Biden decided to shine a light on when he visited an auto manufacturing plant in Warren, Michigan, during a campaign stop. Biden instead focused on Trump’s broken promises that he made when he visited the Rust Belt in 2016 – like vowing to never let a manufacturing plant shutter under his watch. A General Motors plant closed down in Warren just last year, as auto jobs are rapidly leaving Michigan.

Not only did he point out Trump’s apathy towards their jobs, but unlike Trump who’s mostly been ambiguous about a second term, Joe Biden proposed a solution for auto workers to keep their jobs. His proposal would charge a 10% tax penalty to companies who moved their manufacturing jobs overseas to avoid taxes, and would reward companies who did the right thing with a 10% Made in America tax credit, something that companies could use to revitalize former facilities.

Looking closely, this is a pretty strategic move on Biden’s part. Rather than simply reacting to Trump’s many blunders, he’s proactively offering new solutions, and forcing Donald Trump to go on the defensive. One of the few strengths Trump has with voters in the middle is the perception that he’s better on the economy – a major reason he liked to brag about the stock market each day on Twitter.

Now with those numbers gone and a comatose economy due to the pandemic, Biden has a good chance of convincing undecided voters that not only has Trump failed on his promises, but he never cared about their livelihoods in the first place, what the rest of us already knew to be true. It’s yet another reason why we need to mobilize as many voters for Joe Biden on November 3.

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