Joe Biden just nailed it

We should always believe women, unless they give us a specific reason not to believe them. When it comes to the allegation against Joe Biden, it’s almost uniquely non-credible. She keeps changing her story, not in small and believable ways, but in fundamental and self-contradictory ways. The people she’s claimed are corroborators have all either been coached by her, or they’ve said she’s lying. The Kremlin connection is just icing on the cake.

Joe Biden faced a tough choice. Credible, or even remotely credible, allegations should be addressed. But this was the kind of overwhelmingly non-credible allegation that didn’t deserve the time of day. Then Chris Hayes shamefully used his MSNBC show this week to falsely characterize this allegation as being “credible” and “corroborated” when the evidence says it’s neither, and it left Biden with no choice but to address it – so he did.

When Joe Biden appeared on Morning Joe, he faced a long series of tough, uncomfortable, and in some cases absurdly over the top questions from Mika Brzezinski. At one point Mika demanded that Biden believe his own accuser, even though he was there, and he knows what did or didn’t happen. But Biden answered every question in a detailed, compelling, and believable manner.

More importantly, Joe Biden invited everyone to follow the evidence trail. His accuser claims that she filed a formal Senate complaint decades ago, but she has no record of it. Biden could have simply argued that because she can’t produce the paperwork, she shouldn’t be believed – but that would have been weak on his part. Instead he called on the National Archives to release the document. Once the National Archives confirms there never was any such document, it’ll prove she’s lying.


This entire farce is doing a lot of damage across the board. Hayes’ credibility is now shot, and Brzezinski’s credibility is at least somewhat damaged. Far more importantly, there’s the fear that an obviously and ludicrously false high-profile allegation like this could end up derailing the MeToo movement, at a time when there’s still so much more MeToo progress to be made. But for Joe Biden’s part, he nailed it today.

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