Joe Biden just nailed it

Over the last few months, Republicans have been particularly focused on jobs numbers – although it’s mostly been to say that whatever number of people are employed is just not big enough. It’s their own excuse to do two things: Argue about canceling unemployment benefits and/or that Democrats are ruining the economy, despite the fact that their own party not only did this but also mangled most attempts of recovery. Republicans are hoping that if voters have the illusion that the economy is bad next year, they stand to gain no matter how many Americans may be struggling.

Now, however, there’s a big statistic that they probably weren’t looking forward to hearing after complaining about the August jobs report. Not only has the Biden administration created four million new jobs so far, but new unemployment claims are at their lowest level since the pandemic started – dropping by a full 60%. This further underscores the importance of President Biden’s plan to give immediate aid to people who are struggling amid the pandemic and then following up with an infrastructure plan that will add on new high-paying jobs, items currently in the budget bill.

Despite the media’s efforts to paint controversy where there is none, it’s fairly obvious why the GOP is terrified. As the economy recovers, we have a path showing where the policies of a Democratic trifecta will lead us, even if much more work lies ahead. Let’s remember that when voting down the ballot in 2021 and 2022.

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