Joe Biden just nailed it

While Republicans have largely had a pretty difficult time making any kind of attack stick to the new president who came in to clean up after the former guy’s mess – one that’s had mixed success has been the increase in gas prices. While gas prices are up, it’s a bit of a stretch to blame President Biden directly for the price increase, but at the same time, it’s been difficult for Democrats to make an argument that will persuade the average non-voter – something that the GOP has hoped will work in their favor in the upcoming elections.

On Wednesday, however, President Biden made it a bit more difficult for them to use the gas prices argument, as he announced an investigation into why the American people are still paying more at the pump despite the drop in prices that American companies pay for oil barrels. The chair of the Federal Trade Commission will soon be looking into the possibility of price gouging by oil companies.


A decade ago, following the BP oil spill, the industry tried similar tricks and the Obama White House launched an investigation that led them to drop prices almost immediately. We’re likely to see a similar pattern this time around, as an investigation that actually uncovers wrongdoing is likely to play even better for President Biden and worse for the GOP.

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