Joe Biden just nailed it

After four years of the last disastrous “administration,” virtually anything would have been better. Fortunately, President Joe Biden is not “virtually anything.” He is knocking it out of the proverbial park, and he is helping Democrats in the process. According to the Hill, Gallup’s polling for the first quarter of 2021 is great news for Democrats. When you consider of that 70% of Americans support the American Rescue Plan, President Biden started off on the right track in his administration. As for the Gallup results, those numbers could bode well for 2022.

According to Gallup, 49% of Americans now identify as Democratic or independents who lean Democratic, with 40% identifying as Republican or Republican-leaning independents, which is the largest gap between the parties since 2012. Republican numbers stand at the lowest Gallup has ever recorded. Republicans can give credit for these numbers to Trump, yet some continue to support him. Why support a loser who has turned off so many in your own party? Hopefully, no one will tell them so that they keep doing what they are (not) doing. If these numbers hold, we can expect a continuation of the Democratic majority, which has thus far served the American people quite well. To convert other independents, Democrats need to keep doing things that benefit Americans.

President Biden’s approval rating has been and remains high because of the American Rescue Plan, his handling of coronavirus, and rejoining both the Paris Climate Accord and the World Health Organization. The Hill also pointed out that President Biden has not taken one action that is unpopular with the American public, and his above 50% approval rating reflects his choices. If he keeps making popular choices, he will sail through his first four years, and he is already working on that. Polls are already showing support for Biden’s infrastructure plan. The latest Morning Consult poll revealed that 65% of Americans support raising taxes on corporations, including 42% of Republicans.

President Biden must also continue to voice his opposition as state Republicans make voting harder. Republicans are not helping themselves by writing opinions articles that support restrictive voter laws, and President Biden will look like the “good guy” who supports democracy. The Hill mentioned Allie Beth Stuckey, a conservative commentator, who suggested that “only citizens who pay taxes and can pass a civics test can vote.” That suggestion harkens back to Jim Crow laws when Blacks had to pass “literacy tests” to vote. If we are being totally honest, such tests would preclude just as many if not more Whites from voting. Dan McLaughlin added: “Just because everyone has the right to vote does not mean everyone *should* vote.” Republicans just do not think, and that is why they find themselves where they are, with nothing to offer to the voting public and no good reason to vote for them. Democrats need to stay on the voting issue and hammer home that Republicans do not want us to vote. That will fire up an even bigger turnout than 2020.

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