Joe Biden just nailed it

– Joe Biden gained a strategic advantage today by pointing out that his number two, Kamala Harris, has access to classified intel that he doesn’t. If Donald Trump ever found himself in that situation, he’d be clinically incapable of admitting his #2 knows something he doesn’t.

– Fun fact: the average kindergartner is smarter than Marco Rubio.

– Sixty-five days until Joe Biden takes control of the @POTUS and @WhiteHouse accounts on Twitter.

– It’s absurd that George W. Bush apologists still blame 9/11 on the short transition period. They still had nine months to get their act together before 9/11; they simply had no interest in tracking Bin Laden. But it’s fitting that certain anti-Trump Republicans are now using this argument to try to pressure Donald Trump to get on with it. Whatever gets the job done at this point.

– Tweet of the day, from President-elect Joe Biden: “Right now, Congress should come together and pass a COVID relief package like the HEROES Act that the House passed six months ago. Once we shut down the virus and deliver economic relief to workers and businesses, then we can build back better than ever before.”

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