Joe Biden just nailed it

Donald Trump’s COVID parties disguised as political rallies have been a disaster, both in terms of the negative headlines they’re bringing him and the lack of positive impact they’re having on his poll numbers in swing states. This week alone Trump has left his supporters to pass out in the heat and catch hypothermia in the cold.

Joe Biden is taking a different approach. He’s been holding masked, socially distant rallies that are aimed at delivering his message rather than feeding his ego. When the weather turned bad in Florida today, Biden did this:

That’s right, Joe Biden is out there nailing it in the pouring rain. Meanwhile Trump tweeted this today: “Forced to move our Rally tonight in Fayetteville, North Carolina, to Monday, due to high speed winds and bad weather. I love you North Carolina. Stay safe, see you on Monday!!!” According to the Weather Channel, the weather and winds in Fayetteville were moderate. Trump apparently just didn’t want to get his hair messed up.

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