Joe Biden just hit it out the park

Back in the day, baseball legend Ted Williams went into the final day of the season with a .39955 batting average. He could have sat out that day and allowed his average to be rounded up to .400 for the season. Instead he decided to play on the final day, and played well, and finished with a .401 batting average.

Last night Joe Biden found himself in something of a similar situation. He’s already up ten points nationwide in the polling averages. He didn’t need this debate. Donald Trump, who spent the first debate breaking the rules and then bailed on the second debate altogether, gave Biden every excuse to blow off the final debate.

But Joe Biden had the well placed self confidence to show up for the debate, knowing he’d face completely asinine false accusations about his son, and he won the debate handily. This is what you want in a leader. Biden knew he had the upper hand, and instead of packing it in, he played to win – and he indeed won. Now it’s our job to work as hard as we can to drive voter turnout during these final eleven days.

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