Joe Biden has lawyers too, you know

There’s a reason the Democrats won every court ruling during election week. When a case is something nuanced that could be argued either way, judges may go with their own bias. But when you have literally no legal case, like Donald Trump this past week, you just get laughed out of court.

It’s not about having faith in the integrity of judges. It’s about the fact that no judge is willing to destroy his or her own career viability by ruling in favor of someone who has literally no case – especially someone who’s about to cease being President.

The same will be true for the transition period. If President-elect Biden has to keep going to court to get the access or documents he needs from the Trump regime, he’ll do it. And he’ll win every time. Because Trump has literally no case, and that’s an automatic loss.


There is no magic wand scenario where you go into court with literally no case, and the judge sides with you anyway just because the judge likes you better. That’s not the real world. Biden has lawyers too, you know. In fact they’re a lot better than Trump’s lawyers. It’s just a matter of how much Trump wants to humiliate himself on his way out.

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