Joe Biden goes for the kill

How poorly is Donald Trump’s campaign faring financially right now? We don’t have an exact number – even though Joe Biden’s campaign by comparison has had two record breaking months in a row of fundraising in August and September. We also know that the Trump campaign has been taking down television ads in the key swing states it needs to win due to lack of money and we’ve seen key backers pulling out. Now, he’s got something to worry about besides swing states, as Biden’s campaign just recently purchased $6.2 million worth of advertising in Texas.

Typically treated as a giveaway to the GOP, Texas hasn’t gone to Democrats in over 40 years, yet Donald Trump is nearly tied with Biden there due to the state’s rapidly changing demographics, with polls showing him only about 2-3 points ahead on average, and a few polls giving Biden a slight lead.

To give you an idea of how much things have changed, Trump won Texas by nine points in 2016. This means that Republicans have to play defense and minimize their losses, but the problem is that Trump’s campaign can’t afford to match the ad buys that Biden is making, and they’ve already blown through over $1 billion of their own money, some of it spent on ads in states like New York where Trump has no chance of winning.


The bottom line is Trump shouldn’t even be having to campaign at all in Texas, and now it’s competitive – due to a mixture of Trump being a terrible candidate – even before COVID hit the West Wing, and having a shamelessly corrupt campaign staff that’s just as reckless as he is. With all of the states that are now suddenly in play, this is our chance to run up the score with things like voter registration and phone banking, to hand Donald Trump a resounding defeat on November 3.

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