Jim Jordan just got ripped to pieces

There are not too many human beings more repulsive than Jim Jordan. Of course, I have not met all human beings. But I remain convinced that few can be half as disgusting as Jordan. It’s just a unique skill, I suppose.

Jordan (taking the word repulsive to new and exciting heights, Insurrection party, Ohio) has declared he wants to see the state of Ohio ban all vaccine mandates. Way to go, Jim! You are most definitely letting your repulsive aura shine this week!

Of course, most people do not listen to Jordan. There are several reasons for this. Number one is that nobody can take Jordan seriously. He is almost like a cartoon character. Used car salesman meets Frat boy for sure. But a certain person was listening. This person is a great Congressman and has a heck of a witty repertoire as well. This person is Eric Swalwell.

Swalwell is a great politician, but I firmly believe he could have had a second career as a comedian. He always makes us laugh. And when Jordan sent his disgusting tweet, faster than one could say, pathetic, Eric was on it.

So, on Twitter, when Jordan the slime King tweeted: “Ohio should ban all vaccine mandates.”

Swalwell responded with this beauty: “Ohio should mandate sexual assault reporting for coaches.”


I am just speechless. Such a perfect comeback. That’s what a creep like Jordan gets when he tweets such stupid words. He should have known better. I decided to highlight this for all those Palmer Report readers who want a good laugh and may not be on Twitter. Thanks, Rep. Swalwell, for both the entertainment and the great job you’re doing in Congress.

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