Jim Jordan just got destroyed

Jim Jordan is already having a very bad week. He’s among the insurrectionist Republicans who have lost significant corporate donations as a result of their role in trying to overthrow the presidential election result.

Jim Jordan has decided that it’s time to call for “unity” – which is the last thing anyone wants to hear from a guy who has criminal culpability in a recent domestic terrorist attack. Now everyone is piling on.

Congressman Jim McGovern went on CNN and sarcastically said this to Jordan: “Glad that all it took for you to call for unity and healing was for our freedom and democracy to be attacked” – while pointing out that Jordan spent months breathing life into Trump’s most dangerous phony conspiracy theories.

Congressman Jamie Raskin said that Jim Jordan needs to do some “soul searching.” We’d add that Jordan has never shown evidence that he has a soul. Notably, when Congressman Ed Perlmutter demanded that Jordan say whether Biden won the election, Jordan responded that “I’ve never said this election was stolen.” This suggests that Jordan is scared and trying to find a way to distance himself from his own criminal culpability on this.


It’s time for Jim Jordan to resign or be expelled. Then a judge and jury can sort out what punishment he deserves for his role in this insurrection. While they’re at it, the judge and jury should look at what really went on with Jordan when he was a wrestling coach at Ohio State.

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