Jim Jordan just did it again

Happy weekend, Palmer Report readers. Several days ago, I wrote an article about failed human experiment Jim Jordan. It concerned an idiotic statement Jordan had made and a response from California Rep. Eric Swalwell that rightfully tore him to pieces.

Well, folks — Jim must be a glutton for punishment because he’s done it again. It sure could not have been easy to top his last statement, but somehow, Jordan has managed to do it.

This concerns the issues that have arisen with the transport of goods and services throughout the country. There have been noticeable issues with these packages’ slowdown, and it is a situation that President Biden has been working on hard. These issues originated, of course, under former President assolini, but Jordan would beg to disagree.

Because he tweeted such a stupid response to the situation, I am convinced that he never made it past 5th grade. Read said statement and judge for yourself: “Christmas presents were never late when President Trump was in charge.”

No, this is not a joke. Jordan, a United States Congressman, actually tweeted this. And here for your viewing pleasure are some of the best responses:

“Then get off Twitter and become a trucker.”

“recall Gym.”

“Take it up with Dejoy.”

“Having another blackout Jordan?”

“Ask Nikki Haley about her lost popcorn.”

“Does Gym Jordan think Twitter is kindergarten?”

“What planet are you living on, Jim?”


It would be so nice to see Jordan actually get off his ass and DO something for the American people. I do not see that happening anytime soon.

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