Jim Jordan is in over his head

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Jim Jordan is a joke. There is simply no other way to put it. Like Jordan, his weaponization committee has quickly become a laughingstock. Last month, Politico said Jordan’s committee is “misfiring.” First, Jordan proclaimed his committee heir apparent to the Church Committee, which was created in 1975 to investigate intelligence committees that had committed crimes against America citizens. The last living member of that committee, former Senator Gary Hart, begs to differ. He told Politico that Jordan’s committee is “almost completely at odds with the purpose of the original Church committee.” Of course it is. Jordan doesn’t give one hoot about any crimes committed against American citizens. His committee was formed to protect and attempt to redeem Donald Trump.

Because of Trump’s announcement that he’s going to be arrested Tuesday, Jordan has turned his sights on the Manhattan DA’s office. He is so predictable, and anyone with half a brain can see right through him. According to Politico, Jordan and other senior GOP leaders plan to “demand” testimony from employees of the DA’s office. Now, if this isn’t ridiculous, not much else is. According to the report, they want to know why the Stormy Daniels matter is being brought back to the forefront. That’s not their business. Prosecutors can do whatever they like if a statute hasn’t expired. Indeed, they are empowered to investigate crime, and they see this as a crime. Who is Jim Jordan or anyone else to interfere with a prosecutor’s investigation? Jordan isn’t alone in this madness.

Politico reported that Kevin McCarthy is “fully supportive and pushing folks to be aggressive here,” and Marjorie Taylor Green told Politico that Bragg “should come and testify before Congress.” For what? What on earth does Congress have to do with a criminal investigation? You best believe they would be doing nothing if it were not for their twisted, undying loyalty to Donald Trump. It’s sickening. Jordan, of course, turned to the typical GOP speak that the investigation is “politically motivated” and that Bragg is a “George Soros-backed, crazy, left-wing prosecutor.” It would be nice if we had some professionalism in Congress, but if these nuts are leading the charge, don’t count on that happening anytime soon.


As Politico reported, it is highly unlikely that the DOJ would get involved should Bragg or other members of his office decline interviews or subpoenas, as this is nothing more than a political move by Jim Jordan and others. Jordan’s weaponization committee is a joke. It has been criticized by other Republicans and right-wing media alike. MSNBC spoke with one of the committee members, Stacey Plaskett, and though she is a progressive Democrat, she works well with those from the other side of the aisle. She initially thought the committee might be worth something, but she now sees it as “a political stunt.” She told MSNBC that they’ve been trying to get Jordan to have weekly meetings and to negotiate with each other on issues the committee should pursue, but he merely brushed her off. That’s because Jim Jordan isn’t serious about pursuing anything other than anything that is anti-Trump.

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