Disturbing new allegations against Jim Jordan

Republican Congressman Jim Jordan is a disgraceful liar who’s routinely tried to prop up Donald Trump by any dishonest means necessary. Jim Jordan also stands accused of some utterly horrible things before he joined Congress. Those accusations just got a whole lot uglier tonight.

Last year Jim Jordan was accused of having known about, and having refused to do anything about, a sexually abusive team doctor when he was an Ohio State University wrestling coach. Jordan says he didn’t know anything about what was going on. Now NBC News says a referee is asserting in court that he reported the sexually abusive behavior to Jordan, and that Jordan essentially shrugged him off.

At the least, this court case will serve to shed new light on whatever really went on with this Ohio State scandal, and Jim Jordan’s alleged culpability. The timing here couldn’t be worse for Jordan, as he’s about to become one of the key figures in the upcoming televised impeachment hearings against Donald Trump.

In fact just yesterday the news broke that House Republicans were considering adding Jim Jordan to the House Intelligence Committee so that he could help lead the charge in defending Donald Trump during the upcoming public impeachment hearings. You have to wonder how these new allegations against Jordan might impact this.

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