Ted Cruz just got into a feud with Jim Carrey. It didn’t go well for him.

Serious candidates have spent the twenty-four hours leading up to election day doing serious things, like holding get-out-the-vote rallies. Then there’s Ted Cruz, who despite taking a sanctimonious posture at all times, can’t seem to figure out how to take anything seriously. Case in point: instead of doing something meaningful for election day, he got into a feud with popular actor and liberal political activist Jim Carrey.

It started when Jim Carrey posted this tweet: “Go Beto! Go Democrats! Vote like there’s no tomorrow. Let’s make this Tuesday like the end of every great vampire movie. Pull back the curtains and let the sunshine turn all those bloodsuckers to dust.” Ted Cruz quickly took the bait and responded to the tweet, thinking he could outwit the ever-witty actor: “Hollywood liberals all in for Beto. But (self-described socialist) Jim Carrey made a mistake here: Vampires are dead, and everyone knows the dead vote Democrat.”

That’s when Jim Carrey let loose on Ted Cruz: “Wow…sorry I rattled your chain, Ted Cruz. I thought you would have more important things to do two days before an election — like sucking up to the guy who called your wife ugly and accused your dad of murder. But I get it! It’s hard to say no when Trump grabs ya by the pussy!”

So there you have it. Not only is Ted Cruz so lost in the weeds as to get into a feud with an actor just before the election instead of using his time wisely, he managed to lose that feud so badly that the other guy ended up apologizing for running up the score. Meanwhile, reports out of Texas are that people are lined up around the block to vote for Beto O’Rourke. No wonder Ted Cruz is being even more Ted Cruz than usual.