Jim Acosta rips Tucker Carlson to pieces

It looks like someone is living rent-free in the little head of Cockroach Tucker Carlson. Carlson usually chooses to ignore the media in favor of blissfully lying to his brainwashed viewers, but someone got to him. Someone triggered Tucker big time, causing the little elf to howl in anger. Who might that someone be?

Why, it’s Jim Acosta, of course — who else? Acosta has been relentless in calling out Tucker for his bullshit, lies, propaganda, hate speech, and vile behavior. And evidently, Tucker has noticed.

This week Tucker hit back, calling Acosta “the dumbest news anchor in the country.” Oh boy. Where to even begin? First off, if I were Acosta, I’d be flattered — because if Tucker calls you dumb, that basically means you are doing an outstanding job.

Also, there is no comparison between the two. Acosta has it over Carlson in reporting, class, intelligence, and in every other way. It’s like comparing a lavish Mercedes to a dilapidated garbage truck.

Acosta has called Carlson out on many things. One is Andrew Yang — another winner (sarcasm.) Yang bizarrely appeared on Carlson’s show to ask why we all can’t just get along (and to promote his new book.)


Acosta called Yang out, and rightfully so. Acosta also regularly challenges Tucker’s more insane remarks and recently awarded him the “Bullshit factory employee of the year” award. So, I’d say this is a battle Tucker cannot win, but watching him lose his mind over Acosta happens to be extremely amusing.

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