Jim Acosta comes out swinging


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I’ve always thought that Donald Trump and the color gold do not go together well. The reason I believe this is because of this particular color. Gold is a striking color, the color of winners, and Donald Trump is a loser. Gold is the color of accomplishment — of personal achievement. It is a strong color and glows with pride — — the color of trophies — the color of champions — the best of the best. Do you know who definitely IS worthy of this fabulous color? Jim Acosta.

In a time where pundits lie as easily as one might ask for the time, Acosta gives it to us straight. He does not exaggerate. Nor does he continually “both sides it.” He just provides us with the news — and if said news contains a bit of tongue-in-cheek humor, so much the better for his audience.

Acosta is also fearless when it comes to criticizing Fox-death news — and many of its savage non-pundits. One person Acosta has continually gone after is human reptile Tucker Carlson. And he may well have outdone himself this week.

Acosta was on the screen critiquing many of the Fox hosts when he turned his ire on Tucker — and presented him with a special prize. That prize is an end of 2021 special award — called “Bullshit Factory Employee of the year.”

“Now that 2021 is coming to an end, we decided to recognize you as our first ever Bullshit Factory Employee of the year. That’s right, Tucker, you’ve earned it.”

Acosta then explained the reasoning for this crucial selection. He touched on everything from Covid conspiracy theories to his January sixth hate talk to bringing a film crew to the Rittenhouse trial. Acosta completely eviscerated Tucker, and it was blissful to see.


So, thank you, Mr. Acosta, for remaining true to Journalistic integrity and doing it with a bit of snark. That is undoubtedly worth its weight in gold.


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