Jennifer Williams is about to get her revenge on Donald Trump

On Friday, Donald Trump committed a blatant act of felony witness intimidation when he began attacking Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch during her televised impeachment testimony. Over the weekend Trump committed anther felony when he attacked Mike Pence aide Jennifer Williams when the transcript from her closed-door testimony was released.

Donald Trump wasn’t just trying to punish Jennifer Williams for having testified against him. He knew that the House impeachment inquiry was inevitably going to have her testify in front of the television cameras, and that she was going to repeat the damning allegations she’d already made against him behind closed doors.

Maybe Trump was trying to intimidate Williams into not publicly testifying, or into changing her story when she publicly testifies. Maybe Trump was just exasperated and blowing off steam, without thinking about the impact. Or maybe he was just trying to smear her any way he could, in the hope it would cause people not to believe her testimony. But it was a phenomenally stupid move on Trump’s part, and it’s about to backfire on him.

Jennifer Williams is set to testify in front of the television cameras tomorrow morning. There is every indication that she’s still going to show up, despite Donald Trump’s illegal intimidation tactics. She’s spent fourteen years working for three different presidential administrations, so there’s no reason to expect she’ll pull her punches out of fear. And because Trump attacked her in such desperate fashion, it’s going to cause the average American to assume she must be telling the truth. Williams is about to get her revenge, so to speak, simply by performing her legal duty to testify as a witness.

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