Jen Psaki just destroyed Kevin McCarthy

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, who spends most of his time spreading pro-Trump lies instead of doing his job, isn’t in position to lecture anyone about priorities. Yet even as President Biden moves forward with his ambitious agenda to rebuild the American economy after Trump sabotaged it, McCarthy is now ranting about how Biden supposedly has the wrong economic priorities.

President Biden is too busy fixing the country to bother responding to this kind of tripe. But White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was more than happy to take out the trash.


Psaki tweeted this at Kevin McCarthy: “Let’s do facts instead. Under President Biden, job growth is up 10x over the end of the Trump-McCarthy economy, UI claims are down 60%+, and 5m more people are back to work. If Kevin McCarthy wanted to help our economy, he would support our bill to invest in ports, roads, bridges, and jobs.”

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