Jeffrey Epstein scandal takes an ugly new turn

Donald Trump’s hurricane map scandal, Sharpie scandal, Republican 2020 primary scandal, Irish golf resort scandal, border wall budget heist scandal, and general psychological unraveling have all combined to push Trump’s Jeffrey Epstein scandal off the front page for now. But the scandal is still playing out, and it just took an ugly new turn.

Yesterday, Ronan Farrow – best known for exposing various sexual assault scandals – revealed that the M.I.T. Media Lab went to great lengths to cover up the financial relationship it had with Jeffrey Epstein. Today, the director of that lab promptly resigned, in a sign of just how far and wide the Epstein scandal is going to run, and how many people are going to be taken down for having tried to cover things up. So what does this have to do with Donald Trump?

In a direct sense, nothing. But there are two reasons this latest development should worry Donald Trump. First, when Ronan Farrow is on the case, it usually means big names are getting taken down. Whatever connection Trump might have to Epstein’s crimes, or the resulting coverup involving Trump’s former Labor Secretary Alex Acosta, or Epstein’s death while in the custody of Trump’s Attorney General Bill Barr, Farrow is going to find it if anyone can.

Second, this is a reminder that the Jeffrey Epstein scandal isn’t going away. Donald Trump can distract us all he wants by drawing on maps with Sharpies, tweeting nonsense, and asking Bill Barr to cover up everything that’s going on. But Barr is only about one-third as good at the coverup game as he thinks he is, and the media keeps proving itself capable of peeling back one layer of the Epstein scandal after another. Epstein’s death hasn’t stopped that. The whole truth will come out.

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