Jeffrey Epstein is dead, and all hell has broken loose

Serial child rapist Jeffrey Epstein is dead. According to multiple major news outlets, authorities have confirmed that he has died in prison. The official story is suicide, but there are a whole lot of people who aren’t buying that story, to put it mildly. Whatever is going on, the implications here run far and wide, and are as disturbing as ever.

The questions raised by this development are nearly endless. How does an inmate, who was already in protective custody and reportedly on suicide watch, manage to kill himself? Did a someone turn a blind eye, knowing he was going to kill himself? Did someone turn a blind eye, knowing that another inmate in protective custody was going to kill him? More importantly, how high did this go? Did a guard simply decide to let Epstein die on moral grounds, or did the guard have instructions from higher up?

This all matters, because the Epstein investigation was already starting to drag a number of powerful public figures into the scandal. Just yesterday, a newly released transcript showed that one of Epstein’s victims had previously accused a former Governor and a former Senator of also having raped her. Where was this investigation headed next? Who else was about to get outed?

All eyes are now on Attorney General William Barr, who recused and then un-recused himself from the Jeffrey Epstein case, and ultimately had authority over the circumstances that led to Epstein’s suspicious death. All eyes are also on Epstein’s old friend Donald Trump. Not only did Trump give a cabinet position to the former federal prosecutor who initially let Epstein off the hook, now Epstein has died suspiciously on Trump’s watch.

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