Jared Kushner has three weeks left

Donald Trump’s Russia scandal is back in the news today in a huge way. Most of the biggest names in the scandal are suddenly in the headlines. Jeff Sessions has already given an interview to Special Counsel Robert Mueller, which means he’s flipped. James Comey has predictably given an interview to Mueller as well. Mueller is targeting Trump for an interview about three different kinds of obstruction. One name is missing from these headlines, and it’s a problem for him: Jared Kushner.

Plea deals aren’t in limitless supply. Not everyone gets one. Mueller will cut whatever deals are necessary in order to ensure he has the evidence and testimony necessary to take Trump down, but he’s not going to hand out favorable deals to everyone who wants to come clean. Mueller has Michael Flynn. He has Jeff Sessions. We learned last week that he has Steve Bannon. How much more incriminating proof from Trump’s own top people does Mueller need? That’s not a rhetorical question.

Mueller will reach a point, if he hasn’t already, where he decides he has enough evidence against Trump and makes his move. Mueller has informed Trump that he wants to speak with him within a few weeks. That’s the deadline for Jared Kushner, and anyone else who still wants a deal, to hurry up and try to get one. For all we know, perhaps Kushner has already quietly gotten in there and cut a secret deal of his own. Maybe that’s why we’ve heard so much buzz over the past month about him supposedly preparing to resign from the White House. But if so, why is the Sessions deal leaking and not the Kushner deal?

Keep in mind that while Robert Mueller is about to make his move against Donald Trump for obstruction of justice, he’ll circle back later and go after Trump for other crimes like money laundering and conspiracy against the United States. But Jared Kushner is caught up in Trump’s firing of Comey, so this is his chance to be of use to Mueller. If he blows it, Mueller will have little motivation to give him a deal when it comes to the other things Kushner is caught up in, such as financial crimes. Kushner has three weeks left before his own inaction locks him into a path toward life in prison.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report