Wait, Jared Kushner has tapes of WHAT?

Now that Bob Woodward is releasing audio recordings in order to back up the claims he’s making in his new Donald Trump book, the Trump regime is struggling to figure out how to push back. After all, Woodward has proof of precisely what they all said to him, so they can’t claim he’s lying. Instead, Jared Kushner is taking an – ahem – different approach.

One of Woodward’s claims is that Kushner referred to some of Donald Trump’s advisers as “overconfident idiots.” Kushner is insisting that Woodward mischaracterized what he was saying. But again, Woodward has tapes of it. So Kushner is offering up a rather odd defense, saying this of Woodward: “he’s got tapes of everything. I have tapes of everything.”

Wait, what? There are a couple different ways to read this. Is Jared Kushner merely saying that he also recorded his conversations with Bob Woodward? Or when Kushner says he has “tapes of everything,” does he mean everything? Is it possible Kushner has gone the Nixon route of recording his White House conversations and unwittingly incriminating himself in the process? We have a feeling prosecutors will show keen interest in any such recordings, if they exist, after Trump loses.

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