Robert Mueller and Michael Flynn just took a blowtorch to Jared Kushner

By now you’ve heard that Special Counsel Robert Mueller has essentially given Michael Flynn a free pass as part of his cooperating plea deal. Much of the lengthy sentencing memo is redacted, allowing Mueller to keep secret most of the details of who and what Flynn gave up for at least a bit longer. But the memo does make clear that Mueller has taken a proverbial blowtorch to Jared Kushner.

The sentencing memo reveals that during the transition period, Jared Kushner instructed Michael Flynn to reach out to Russia regarding the United Nations and Israeli settlements. This was an attempt at negotiating with Russia behind the back of the United States government, at a time when the Trump regime hadn’t taken office, and had no power. There it was, at the least, a felony violation of the Logan Act – and probably a lot more.

Because he cut a plea deal involving lesser charges, we may never know what Michael Flynn would have been criminally charged with for conspiring with Russia during the transition period: espionage, conspiracy against the United States, treason? We do know that, whatever Flynn would have been charged with for these actions, Jared Kushner will be charged with it instead.

While we still have no way of knowing when Robert Mueller plans to move on Donald Trump’s family members, it stands out as really noteworthy that Mueller made a point of including this tidbit about Jared Kushner in the Michael Flynn sentencing memo. Mueller just informed Kushner – and the world – that Kushner is hosed. Is this the part where Kushner reluctantly cuts a plea deal against his father-in-law Donald Trump?