January 6th Committee says Donald Trump privately met with January 6th organizers on January 4th at the White House

The January 6th Committee has spent a long time working its way up the hierarchy of witnesses, interviewing and collecting evidence along the way, in order to use it against higher level witnesses and piece together the entire puzzle when it comes to Donald Trump’s involvement. Now the committee is moving in on Trump very closely.

According to a letter posted to the January 6th Committee’s official website, it’s subpoenaed Robert Peede and Max Miller to testify. In the letter, the committee says that the two men privately met with Donald Trump at the White House on January 4th, in order to discuss the details of the January 6th rally.

By subpoenaing these two individuals, the January 6th Committee is clearly attempting to get them to flip on Donald Trump by providing testimony and evidence of what went on during this January 4th meeting. If they fail to give up Trump, they’ll surely be referred for criminal contempt.


In any case, the committee’s discovery of this January 4th meeting directly ties Donald Trump to the planning of the January 6th debacle. It also suggests that some other witness has been cooperating thoroughly enough to have told the committee about the existence of the January 4th meeting to begin with. After having spent a long time building its case from the bottom up, the committee is now finally able to begin pinning January 6th directly on Donald Trump himself.

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