As things completely fall apart for Donald Trump, he gets rid of Secretary of Defense James Mattis

Everything is going wrong for Donald Trump today that can possibly go wrong. He’s being eaten alive by both sides as he faces a no-win decision about whether to shut down the government over his imaginary border wall. The DOJ has made clear that Trump’s stooge Matthew Whitaker is not in charge of the Robert Mueller probe. And now Trump just decided to push out his own Secretary of Defense, James Mattis.

Donald Trump just posted a tweet announcing that James Mattis is retiring in February, and thanking him for his service. The thing is, there has been no buzz that Mattis had any interest in retiring. Why isn’t Mattis announcing this himself? According to Trump’s sometimes-pal Lindsey Graham, Trump is forcing Mattis out because they disagree over Trump’s decision to withdraw the U.S. military from Syria. So now what?

For one thing, it shows that Donald Trump has reached such a point of endgame desperation, he’s now throwing everyone overboard. Vladimir Putin has told him to pull the U.S. out of Syria, and so he’s doing it, even though his own Secretary of Defense and most of his own Republican Party oppose the move. Now he’s essentially firing his Secretary of Defense, because all he cares about is appeasing Putin as everything caves in on him.

Donald Trump now has no White House Chief of Staff, no Attorney General, and he’s about to have no Secretary of Defense. No one was willing to permanently take his Chief of Staff job, he couldn’t find anyone better than the scam toilet guy to temporarily take the AG job, and we can’t imagine that anyone wants to run his Pentagon. We’re on the verge of having no Executive Branch. Then again, we haven’t had a President in two years.