James Comey dishes on Rudy Giuliani’s role in Trump 2016 election scandal

Now that the Democrats are about to take control of the House, the most corrupt of House Republicans are using their limited remaining time in the majority to try to run interference for Donald Trump. Their big idea: they hauled in former FBI Director James Comey this week and asked him one absurd question after another about Hillary Clinton’s emails. That move has now backfired, as Comey used the opportunity to dish on Rudy Giuliani instead.

James Comey testified in private, but as per his demand, the transcript of his testimony has now already been publicly released. The thing about the phony Hillary Clinton email scandal is that it was playing out at the same time that the Donald Trump campaign’s very real election scandals were happening. For instance, shortly before the election, Rudy Giuliani bragged on cable news that he knew the FBI was about to do something with regard to Hillary.

This was true, in the sense that Comey sent a misleading letter to Congress which falsely implied that Hillary was being newly investigated over her emails, and then House Republicans leaked this misleading letter to the public, in perhaps the single lowest point in U.S. election history. But even though Comey was clearly out of control with his own actions, he took notice that Rudy Giuliani somehow seemed to know what he was about to do, and there was no above-board way Rudy could have known.

The transcript of James Comey’s new testimony reveals this nugget: “Mid October, maybe a little bit later, Mr. Giuliani was making statements that appeared to be based on his knowledge of workings inside the FBI New York … that gave me a general concern that we may have a leak problem … and so I asked that it be investigated.” So where does this get us?

Earlier this year the Department of Justice Inspector General released a report which sharply criticized just about everyone in the FBI and DOJ for having knowingly run a shambolic and politically motivated investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email non-scandal. The report completely omitted the FBI leak to Rudy Giuliani, and some legal experts suggested that it was a sign that there was an ongoing criminal investigation into the matter.

Rudy Giuliani then stated on cable news that the Inspector General had in fact questioned him about the matter. But as we know, Rudy likes to make things up. However, thanks to James Comey’s new testimony, we know that a criminal investigation was in fact initiated into how Rudy knew FBI secrets. Trump’s henchmen in the House were hoping to scandalize Hillary by hauling in Comey for a nonsensical hearing. Instead, Comey used the occasion to let the public know that there is a 2016 Trump election scandal involving Giuliani, and an investigation into it, after all.