Looks like James Carville got to Donald Trump

Two weeks ago it was reported that Donald Trump had become so displeased with his 2020 campaign manager Brad Parscale, he called him up and threatened legal action against him over the campaign’s poor performance. This came amid various reports accusing Parscale of taking huge payments from the campaign and using it to live a lavish lifestyle.

As this was unfolding, James Carville appeared on MSNBC and accused Parscale and his campaign associates of being a “pack of grifters” who were merely feeding Donald Trump fake poll numbers while taking his money and running.

Now it appears Carville has gotten to Trump. The Los Angeles Times is reporting that Carville’s rant “hit a nerve” and has left him doubting whether his Parscale-led campaign can be trusted.

If Trump is in such a place of uncertainty that he’s one Carville rant away from questioning whether he needs to get rid of his own campaign manager, than Trump is even more spun around than we thought. This comes even as the Lincoln Project has just released a timely new TV ad which plays up how much of Trump’s money Parscale has allegedly been spending on cars and condos.

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