Jaime Harrison slams Lindsey Graham after his ridiculous debate stunt

What kind of public official refuses to take a coronavirus test before appearing alongside his opponent, thus forcing a debate to be canceled? Lindsey Graham, of course. He pulled a ridiculous stunt on Friday night, refusing to get tested and trying to force Democratic candidate Jaime Harrison to risk being exposed to the virus. This was made doubly vile by the fact that Graham was recently exposed to the Trump White House coronavirus outbreak, and is more likely to have the virus than the average person.

Jaime Harrison was having none of it. He posted this video in response to Graham’s villainy:

Meanwhile, Lindsey Graham’s refusal to be tested has caused a whole lot of people out there to just assume that he has coronavirus. Hashtags like #LindseyGrahamHasCOVID and #LindseyIsPositive have begun trending on Twitter. You can donate to Jaime Harrison’s campaign here.

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