Arrest warrant issued for Donald Trump’s pal Jacob Wohl

Jacob Wohl is best known for a few things. He’s the guy who tried to frame Robert Mueller for sexual harassment, only for the whole thing to blow up hilariously in Wohl’s face. He’s also the guy who got banned from Twitter for using fake accounts to defend himself. Wohl is also, naturally, buddies with Donald Trump. Now Wohl is about to be best known for something else: his arrest.

An arrest warrant has been issued for Jacob Wohl, on charges of trying to sell “unqualified securities” to would-be investors, according to NBC News and other sources. We have no idea if he’s guilty or innocent on these charges. But it’s notable that years ago, the National Futures Association banned Wohl for life, for allegedly making fraudulent financial transactions.

Unless Wohl goes on the lam, this warrant means that he’ll be arrested today and taken to jail. We’ll then see whether or not a judge lets him out on bail. He’ll join a long list of Donald Trump associates who have been arrested and/or indicted since Trump took office, including Paul Manafort, Michael Flynn, Michael Cohen, George Papadopoulos, Rick Gates, Roger Stone, and others.


What stands out here is that Donald Trump could end up deciding to try to pardon Jacob Wohl. Trump has consistently refused to pardon his associates who have committed crimes at his instruction, presumably for fear the courts would rule that pardons of alleged co-conspirators are invalid. But Wohl’s alleged crimes don’t appear to involve Trump in any way. Trump has previously pardoned his friends who have found themselves in similar situations, including Joe Arpaio. That said, the charges against Wohl are state level, meaning Trump can’t pardon them. Then again, we doubt Trump knows the difference.

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