Ivanka Trump was forced to testify yesterday to the Washington DC Attorney General

Now that Donald Trump has lost the election, the walls keep closing in on him and his family. Last night the news leaked that Trump is considering trying to preemptively pardon his family, to fend off whatever federal criminal charges they might be facing. But pardons won’t stop individual states from bringing state-level charges.

Even as this storyline plays out, a new parallel legal storyline has developed. CNN is reporting today that Ivanka Trump was forced to testify yesterday to the Attorney General of Washington DC, in relation to the ongoing investigation into misuse of Trump inauguration funds.

To be clear, this does not necessarily mean that Ivanka is a target of the investigation; she could merely be a material witness. Also, while criminal charges could end up arising out of this case, it’s still a civil case for now.

What’s notable is that Ivanka Trump apparently didn’t even try to get out of testifying, even as Eric Trump ultimately testified about the Trump Organization to the New York Attorney General last month. It’s a reminder that the Trump family is now going to be all about courtrooms, depositions, legal action, and State Attorneys General going forward. Their time in the protective bubble of the presidency is ending.

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