Ivanka Trump comes out swinging, gets torn to pieces

There’s a new art exhibit which consists of an Ivanka Trump lookalike who is willing to vacuum up any crumbs you might throw in front of her. The specific intent of the work of art is open to interpretation, but the general idea seems clear enough: Ivanka is willing to cover up any garbage that her odious father might spew. It turns out she’s not happy about it, and in return, no one is exactly happy with her.

Ivanka Trump cited an article on Twitter about the “Ivanka vacuum” exhibit, and added her own commentary: “Women can choose to knock each other down or build each other up. I choose the latter.” Her vague attempt at painting herself as the victim didn’t go over particularly well.

One respondent on Twitter fired back with this: “Still waiting for you to speak out against your father knocking down women. He’s calling them horse face, Pocahontas, dogs and saying that they’re bleeding out of their whatever’s.” Another asked a crucial question: “Why the sweatshops and human trafficking then Ivanka?”

We think it’s extraordinarily disingenuous for Ivanka Trump to continue defending her father, who has been caught bragging on tape about being a serial sexual assaulter, and who spews sexist insults at his female adversaries on a regular basis, to turn around and try to paint herself the victim. Whatever one might think of the art exhibit in question, it’s not the problem here – she is.