Ivanka Trump is having an utterly disastrous day

Ivanka Trump had a bad day yesterday when Michael Cohen publicly accused Ivanka’s criminal defense attorney of having instructed him to lie under oath to Congress. We still don’t know what evidence Cohen has of this, or how it’ll play out. But in the meantime, things are going much worse for Ivanka today, on two other far uglier fronts.

First the House Intelligence Committee announced today that convicted Russian mafia money launderer Felix Sater will publicly testify on March 14th. Why is this a problem for Ivanka Trump? Sater famously partnered with the Trump Organization to build the shady Trump Soho real estate project. The entire project ended up being so ugly, Ivanka Trump was reportedly nearly indicted for her role in it in 2012. Now one of the key people involved in the project is about to publicly testify. Considering Sater’s longtime status as a government informant, this is about to get ugly fast. But it’s only half the story.

This evening the New York Times reported that Donald Trump ordered the reinstatement of Jared Kushner’s security clearance, after White House officials flagged him as a security risk. But Ivanka Trump previously claimed in an interview to ABC News that Donald Trump definitely did not meddle in Kushner’s clearance. Oops.

This is all adding up to one inevitable outcome: Ivanka Trump being hauled in to publicly testify before Congress about all of the above controversies and then some. Of course by the time she’s hauled in, other witnesses will have likely already filled in the pieces of Ivanka’s alleged roles in these scandals. She’ll have to tell the truth during her testimony, or risk being indicted for perjury.