Ivanka Trump is in trouble and she knows it

You’re Ivanka Trump. The whole world just found out that your father improperly ordered that your husband be given a high ranking security clearance, even though the CIA thinks your husband is a security risk against the United States, and there are at least two memos out there which document why. Your whole life is spinning out of control – but that’s just the half of it.

It’s not just that Donald Trump lied to the American people about this scandal. And it’s not just that Jared Kushner’s attorney just publicly accused Kushner of having lied to him about it. It’s that Ivanka Trump also made a point of lying about this during a televised interview with Abby Huntsman. When the House Democrats hold public hearings over this – and they no doubt will very soon – Ivanka will be hauled in to testify.

Here’s the kicker: Ivanka seems to know she’s in trouble. She typically posts several tweets per day, most of which are aimed at painting herself as some kind of activist progressive do-gooder. But since the news broke about the Kushner security clearance scandal, she hasn’t tweeted anything. She’s gone silent for the past fifty-six hours, which is completely atypical for her. But it gets even worse.

It’s long been widely reported that Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump Jr spearheaded the Trump Organization’s real estate deal with Trump Soho, which just happened to be a partnership with convicted Russian mafia money launderer Felix Sater. It’s just been announced that Sater is publicly testifying before Congress in twelve days. This just keeps getting worse for Ivanka.