Ivanka Trump’s horrible day just got even worse for her

By the time Michael Cohen was done publicly testifying before the House Oversight Committee on Wednesday, it was abundantly clear that Donald Trump Jr would be hauled in to testify about what was being discussed. Junior’s name came up over and over again, and in fact his signature was on a piece of smoking gun evidence. Now it turns out Junior’s sister will be joining him as well.

Yesterday we saw Adam Schiff and the House Intelligence Committee announce that it was hauling in Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg and Russian mafia money launderer Felix Sater to testify about their roles in Donald Trump’s scandals. When it came to Elijah Cummings and the House Oversight Committee, he simply told reporters that everyone substantively mentioned by Michael Cohen will be hauled him. When a reporter asked if that included Trump’s kids, he simply said to check the transcript and see who was mentioned.

Michael Cohen definitely mentioned Ivanka Trump during his public testimony. So guess what? She’s about to get hauled in to testify. Assuming she tries to fight it due to the legal jeopardy and embarrassment at stake, Cummings will simply subpoena her to testify. From there she’ll have to either show up or risk being held in contempt of Congress and ordered by the courts to show up.

So now we know that Ivanka Trump is going to be hauled in to testify before Congress, just like Donald Trump Jr is going to be hauled in to testify. Interestingly, Ivanka is coming off a particularly bad day. She was caught making false statements about her husband’s security clearance. She also has ties to upcoming witness Felix Sater. These pieces are all starting to fit together.