Rudy Giuliani just gave something away about Ivanka Trump

Rudy Giuliani had such a spectacularly disastrous meltdown last night on Fox News, incriminating his “client” Donald Trump on several felonies in the process, we’ve all been tempted to overlook the other things Rudy was blabbing out. Now that we’ve re-watched the tape, it’s become clear that Giuliani also gave away something crucial about Ivanka Trump in relation to the Trump-Russia investigation.

Even as Giuliani was busy confessing to one Donald Trump crime after another, he decided to almost randomly bring Ivanka Trump into it. Rudy insisted that if Ivanka is targeted in the Trump-Russia probe, Americans will take to the streets in protest. We couldn’t quite follow his craptastic logic, so we’re not sure if he thinks Americans will be upset that a pretty girl is facing criminal charges, or if he’s under the delusion that Ivanka is somehow a beloved public figure, or what. But the bottom line is that he brought her up for a reason.

Everyone already knows that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is targeting Donald Trump’s son Donald Trump Jr for having met with the Russians during the election to try to illegally obtain dirt on Hillary Clinton. Everyone also knows that Mueller is targeting Donald Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner for everything from Russia meetings to pay-to-play schemes. So why did Giuliani make a point of referencing another Trump family member instead?

If the feeling inside the Trump Team is that Ivanka Trump didn’t commit any crimes, then there would be no reason for them to be worried that she’ll be the one to take the fall. The only reason for Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani to publicly sound the alarm about Ivanka is if they’re aware of things she’s done that are likely to have landed her directly on Robert Mueller’s radar. We don’t know precisely what Rudy just gave away about Ivanka, but it doesn’t sound good for her at all.

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