Ivanka Trump isn’t getting off that easily

Just because one Hatch Act enforcement was announced today against a Trump-era official, this doesn’t mean that Ivanka Trump and Kellyanne Conway “got away” with their Hatch Act violations. For all we know, today’s Hatch Act enforcement against an obscure HUD official could be just the start of several such enforcements.

Put another way: Trump has been out of power for two and a half months. If it took this long just for the first Hatch Act movement to finally happen, then it’s clearly a deliberative process. There is every reason to expect that there will be more to come – just not as swiftly as everyone is hoping for, because nothing in government ever happens as swiftly as everyone is hoping for.

– Tweet of the day, from Chaz Bono: “I’m disgusted that today Arkansas Legislators passed a bill denying trans youth, trans healthcare. In pandering to your base, you’re not only going against the medical professionals, you’re condemning trans youth to a fate that, unfortunately, some will find worse than death.”

– Living legend and Palmer Report follower LeVar Burton says he wants to be in the running to be the next host of Jeopardy. He’s more than qualified. Let’s help make it happen.

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