It’s official: Donald Trump has been impeached for second time, several House Republicans vote to impeach

It’s now official. Donald Trump has been impeached by the House today, making him the only U.S. President to ever be impeached twice. It also means that half the presidential impeachments in American history have been against the same guy, a reminder of just how uniquely awful Trump is.

House Democrats were joined by ten House Republicans in voting to impeach Trump. This is the largest number of House members to have ever voted in favor of impeaching a President of their own party. These are the only ten Republicans who are fit to remain in the House; the others are all now disqualified. We’ll do everything we can to make sure the others lose in the 2022 election.


But the upshot is that Donald Trump has now been impeached in bipartisan fashion. This is a body blow to what little is left of Trump’s failed presidency. The Democrats have now done everything they’re allowed to do to try to remove Trump from office. Now it’s a matter of placing pressure on Mitch McConnell to hold a Senate impeachment trial in the coming days.

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