It’s now more important than ever to understand that we’re winning

In just two weeks an election in Virginia could make a hideous Trump protege named Glenn Youngkin the next Governor of Virginia. He’d quickly destroy everything that’s good about the state, and turn it into a dangerous dump. The good news is that Youngkin is easily defeatable – and in fact Democrat Terry McAuliffe is likely to win.

The bad news: far too many folks on our side are all but ignoring this crucial battle. Instead of putting in the simple and straightforward work required to win this upcoming election (phone bank, volunteer, turn out the vote), they’re sitting on their hands and baselessly insisting that all hope is lost because Trump himself is about to make some kind of magic comeback – and that’s a really dangerous mindset.

Think about it: an actual Trump protege is two weeks away from winning an actual election, with actual consequences. But instead of doing something to stop that from happening, folks are sitting around and idly fretting over an imaginary scenario in which the ghost of Trump comes back and seizes the White House or something. And these folks are using this as an excuse to sit back and do nothing about the Virginia race.

This is nothing new, of course. Back when Trump was in power, one faction of the Resistance spent four years putting in the work that ultimately defeated him, while the other faction of the Resistance spent four years sitting around and contributing nothing while insisting that Trump was going to remain in office “no matter what.”

These defeatist types always have only ever been looking for an excuse to give up, do nothing, and be lazy – so of course they’re doing the same thing in 2021. But because Donald Trump isn’t actually in power anymore, these defeatists are having to go to much more hyperbolic lengths to justify their laziness. So instead of merely convincing themselves that “all hope is lost,” they’re going out of their way to try to convince the rest of us to also stop trying to fight and win.


At this point we’re in danger of being eaten alive by the zombies on our own side, who have clearly given up, and are rather desperate for the rest of us to also give up. But I’ve got bad news for those zombies: we’re winning. Look around. Trump is out of power. He has absolutely no idea how to make any sort of comeback. We just won the California election big-time. We’re leading slightly in the Virginia election. We’re winning, and if we keep putting in the work in places like Virginia, we’ll keep winning. It’s more important than ever to keep this in mind as the defeatist zombies on our own side keep nipping at our heels.

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