It’s long past time for this

When we look back on the disaster that was the Trump administration, a dark time that evokes the most sordid chapters of American history, however brief Trump’s tenure may be – the key phrase to understanding all of it is probably the denial spoken by Donald Trump on TV: “I don’t take responsibility at all.” Trump was referring to the COVID-19 pandemic at its early stages, when he recklessly ignored the danger until it was too late, but it’s also a hallmark of his management style – his tendency to look the other way while his administration abuses its power and plunders wherever it can, leaving the country worse off in every way imaginable.

President Obama made a note of this during a recent Spotify interview, where he accurately described Trump’s tendency to take responsibility for nothing while taking credit for everything – immediately bringing to mind the tendency of Trump and his fellow Republicans to brag about the stock market back when the economy was still thriving. What Obama was careful to emphasize, however, is that this is an aspect of Donald Trump that resonates with Trump’s base – they take him at his word when he takes credit for something that would probably happen anyway, and they willingly blame whoever it is he points at for them to blame.

The good news is that this routine is probably getting tired for anyone remotely on the fence – as it’s really the only way in which the guy operates, and makes him pretty easy to see right through. That’s why this messaging is so effective when it comes to saying who Donald Trump really is. It’s long past time to call him out on his empty promises, and find everyone you can to help vote him out on November 3.

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