It’s even worse for Tim Scott than you think

President Joe Biden killed his first address to Congress and the nation. As I watched, I could not help but notice one thing: Republicans rarely applauded and never stood, even as President Biden discussed issues that have helped the American people. Republicans should adopt a new motto: “We Stand for Nothing,” as that about sums up their support for a better life for the American people.

Republican Tim Scott gave the rebuttal, and he ridiculously said that America is not a racist country. I learned a new word this week while working on a litigation case: “othering,” which is basically “us” versus “them.” Black folks who want to be accepted have been adopting this mindset, and Tim Scott is a classic example. No wonder Progressives have called him “Uncle Tom.” If the shoe fits. Scott had best trust and believe that no matter what he thinks, he is still Black and will be treated as such in certain circles. A Black man pretending that White Supremacy is not alive and well is a very misguided man, but I digress. This is a positive message, not a negative one.

President Biden made sure we realized the historical moment. He smiled as he said, “Madame Vice President,” and then turned and said, “No president has ever said those words, and it’s about time,” as reported by the New York Times. Biden brings such a sense of calm and familiarity, making us believe that we really can accomplish great things if we all work together. Rather than sowing division and hate, he is optimistic and hopeful. Biden is exactly what we need in a president. He also makes us believe that he can accomplish every one of his goals despite the scowling Republicans who cannot see their way to doing one thing that will benefit their own constituents.

One of President Biden’s strongest traits is his ability to speak directly to the audience. He does not sound like he is giving a speech but instead makes you feel you are all in the same room, having a conversation. He did it again when he visited Georgia yesterday. He also repeated something that really stuck with me the first time he said it: Over 50 corporations made $40 billion in profit and paid not one dime in taxes. In Georgia, he gave us a scenario of those same corporations paying 15% in taxes—which is such a low number that he told the crowd he knows they wish they could pay 15%—and he gave us the calculation: $230 billion would have been paid into the federal government.

That alone makes it worth taxing these corporations. He also spoke about “trickle down,” which he said—and most will agree—trickles down into the CEOs’ pockets. Look, no one hates wealthy people or wants them to fail; we only want them to pay their fair share. Should they do so, coupled with Biden’s “blue collar blueprint to build America” and his mantra “choosing hope over fear, truth over lies, light over darkness,” we truly can be on our way.

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