It’s all hitting the fan at once now

All along, Palmer Report said that Donald Trump would lose the 2020 election, and that he wouldn’t come nearly close enough to convince the courts to hand it to him. This wasn’t based on optimism; his low approval rating made clear all along that he never was quite actually in contention. Sure enough, he lost, and even this Supreme Court unanimously ruled that he indeed lost.

Palmer Report also said that once Trump lost, he would end up in prison. Again, we weren’t basing this on optimism; it was based on the widely documented grand jury in New York that was in the process of criminally indicting him on various financial charges. Now we’re finally seeing that process coming out, with Palm Beach officials openly discussing how they plan to deal with Trump’s arrest once New York indicts him.

Sure, we were right about all of this stuff. But that’s because it was the easy kind of thing to predict, where the overwhelming evidence was right in front of us – and all we had to do was have the guts to say it out loud, even as most other pundits generically insisted that it would never happen. Then there are the things that even we couldn’t have predicted.

To know that Matt Gaetz was going to go down in a federal sex trafficking investigation, you’d need to have known that 1) he was involved in such a thing, and 2) such an investigation existed. None of that ever leaked out until just a fairly short time ago. So there was no way of predicting in advance that just as we’d finally get around to staring the prospect of Trump’s arrest in the face, his notorious sidekick Gaetz would be facing arrest as well.


In any case, we’re now at a point where Donald Trump and his top henchmen are waist deep in their own downfalls. Beyond Rudy Giuliani and a couple other clear goners, we were never quite sure which of Trump’s henchmen would end up going to prison, or when. But it’s fitting that it’s all hitting the fan at once now. Indictments, arrests, and trials are still a long process. But it’s more clear than ever where this is all headed.

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