It’s all going to come out now

Today we’re seeing how much blue lives really matter to Republicans. The death count at the Capitol is on every one of these traitors’ heads and the fact that it wasn’t worse was only because the Capitol police did their job under extremely difficult circumstances. Meanwhile, Elise Stefanik blames, who else, but Nancy Pelosi. You can’t make this stuff up. Or rather, you can, but you must be an amoral asshole like Stefanik is. Stefanik is totally unworthy of her office and a traitor to the US.

Sad to say it, but with few exceptions, Republicans in the House and Senate have proven themselves to be garbage people. They lie, cheat, steal and pray to their tin idol, Donald Trump. They do this for their shot at glory but will Trump bestow his favor upon them for all that groveling? Maybe, Maybe not. Ask George P. Bush how that worked out for him. These folks are all ego and no pride or morals. It’s revolting.

And speaking of revolting, it’s time we finally accept that these Republicans in Congress have sold, and continue to be willing to sell, our country out for a few rubles. They love the poorly educated because their base is comprised of the fools that believe every lie the Republican party spins. These Republican lawmakers can easily divert their followers down a rabbit hole while they sell them out for their personal profit. In many ways, enlisting the Rubes has been a brilliant maneuver because in the base’s stupidity, they’re forced to be tribal since they really don’t understand what’s going on and there’s power in numbers. Hence, the predicted result of large swathes of red states awash in the unvaccinated. And they’ve done it all to themselves.


Now, at the very least, Darwin’s got this. The truth of January 6th is going to become crystal clear with these hearings, the unvaccinated are going to diminish the Republican voting base, and the courts are ultimately going to hold the guilty liable. It’s been an infuriating journey but it’s finally going in the right direction. Hang on, there’s lots more to come.

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