It won’t be that difficult to work around Donald Trump’s pardons

Now that Donald Trump has pardoned Paul Manafort, one former member of the Robert Mueller team is now explaining that a large chunk of Manafort’s asset forfeitures were done on a civil as opposed to a criminal level, so Manafort wouldn’t be able to get the money back even if he were pardoned.

The Mueller team turned out to be a massive failure, of course. But if nothing else, this is the latest reminder that pardons aren’t magic wands, and it’s not that difficult to at least partially work around them. There’s still a criminal case against Manafort in New York State, for instance, meaning he could end up back in prison when all is said and done.


– Be smart. The Democrats in office get their power and leverage directly from you. If you fail to get behind the Democrats, they won’t have much negotiating leverage against Republicans. If you inaccurately bash the Democrats, you’re taking away what leverage they do have against Republicans.

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