This all just keeps getting stranger

It all just keeps getting stranger. This morning, the normally motor-mouthed Donald Trump woke up and said… nothing. Other than a couple of retweets which appear to have been done by his handlers, Trump has had nothing to say today. That’s generally a good sign for America, because it means Trump isn’t saying anything stupid or harmful. But considering what all is going on right now, his silence merely adds to the strangeness.

Donald Trump could have weighed in on the Jeffrey Epstein scandal today, which took a potentially weird turn when the coroner’s office decided not to release the results of its autopsy yet, even as Epstein’s estate has brought in an investigator from the OJ Simpson trial. Trump’s scandals were always going to circle back to the OJ trial eventually, weren’t they? Then again, the only thing Trump has suggested about Epstein’s death thus far โ€“ that Bill and Hillary Clinton were somehow behind it โ€“ didn’t exactly go over well.

Trump also could have remarked on the fact that Heather Heyer died two years ago today while at the hands of one of his white supremacist supporters. Then again, the last time Trump spoke about that incident, his “very fine people on both sides” remark ended up arguably hurting him more than anything else he’s ever said.

Donald Trump could also try tweeting something about the economy. But the Dow Jones Industrial Average is already down significantly today, as part of a two-week selloff โ€“ and every time Trump opens his mouth about the economy, investors instantly decide to sell off even more. It sounds like Trump made the right call by deciding to go silent today. But when the President of the United States makes things worse every time he opened his mouth, it’s time for him to resign.

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