Donald Trump isn’t very good at this

Trump ineptly screws up everything he touches, but we’re supposed to believe he’s a genius when it comes to constitutionally tricky preemptive pardons? I’d wager that half or more of the people Trump pardons between now and the end of his term will still end up in prison anyway.

– Most pundits spent the past four years falsely insisting that Trump would pardon his co-conspirators at any minute, to scare you into staying tuned in. Palmer Report spent the entire time accurately explaining why there was zero chance Trump would pardon his co-conspirators until after he lost.


– As long as you all keep hate-watching Rick Santorum, CNN will keep him on the air. CNN doesn’t care that you hate him, only that you’re watching him. Ratings drive all cable news programming decisions. If you want to get rid of Santorum, turn CNN off whenever he’s on the air.

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