Is Jared Kushner in trouble?

Tom Barrack pleaded not guilty in a court hearing yesterday, which was surely a sigh of relief – for now – for the Trump family. After all, Barrack’s financial entanglements with the Trump family are extensive, and the charges brought against him are related to Trump and the Middle East. But what about Jared Kushner?

It was Michael Cohen who pointed out last week that throughout all the indictments, charges, and leaked criminal investigations into the Trump administration and the Trump family that have arisen of late, not one of them has made any mention of Kushner. It’s all led Cohen to suspect that Kushner may already be cooperating with prosecutors.

Given the deep financial ties between Barrack and Kushner, it raises the question of whether the Feds may have indicted Barrack to try to get him to flip on Kushner, or whether the Feds may have indicted Barrack with the help of Kushner.

Of course there’s no way to know, for now, if either of these two scenarios is true. Michael Cohen had this to say last night: “Unless he’s currently a cooperating witness (which I believe he might be), Kushner is in trouble now that Barrack and Weisselberg are indicted.”

In any case, if Tom Barrack ends up concluding that he can’t beat the charges against him, he knows full well that he can get a free pass (or something very close to it) by flipping on the Trump family and the Trump regime. If and when that happens, Jared Kushner is indeed going to be in real trouble – unless he’s somehow managed to keep his nose clean, or unless he’s already flipped.

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